new blog :)

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

hey hey, i've decided to start blogging yet AGAIN but on a new URL. Was planning to switch to wordpress though but i was having a hard time getting used to it despite people's feedback of saying "wordpress is easy to use" blahhh to you. i have no idea how to work wordpress; so yea, still stuck with good'ol blogspot. anyways, here it is, my new URL for an almost 21 year old me =)


Embark on a journey with numbers~

Monday, October 15, 2012

Numbers, a word familiar to many. One that has survived through thousands of years and dynasties. How is it that something that can be used to calculate wealth, be related to money, used in school for studying calculus and math... an endless list of what we humans can do with numbers.

And today, i shall introduce to you, the use of number in a way that will surprise both you and I. Based on your birthday and your skill of addition, you will be able to know yourself better.

To believe or not to believe is up to oneself. So, if interested give this website a shot or contact me directly ;)

Sunday, April 29, 2012

memory of yesterday still lingers in my memory, fresh. A feeling so foreign to me, not a good one to top it off. Your eyes were so cold, I feel the need to withdraw. May be I should learn to get use to it. Cause it is my fault that this has happen. I was the one who caused it, so there are none to be blame but myself. And I have a feeling that this is just the beginning, though you assured me otherwise But i still feel i need a lil time, and I hope that it won't turn into a timeout.

the bright side of it is that i guess i had a glimpse on how girls that chase after guys feels like. and i guess to an extent they are admirable, cause man, i can never put up with that.

nothing but the truth

Friday, April 27, 2012

if i only tell you half of the story, truth tho. you cant call me a liar cause technically i didn't lie :)


i didn't tell this dude i have 2 numbers when he asked for my number, cause well im obviously not interested. i tried rejecting but so stubborn, so i ended up giving him my 016 number and telling him that i have no credit almost half the time (people, i reload 4 times a year, and each time it only last for 5 days) i just wanna keep the number without reloading x) 

funny thing, why didnt he just ask me straight whether i was available or not, probably will be able avoid awkward moments in the near future. and plus did i mentioned he's younger than me by 3 years? yup~ hilarious-ness...

okay, so may be i'm thinking too much, may be he's just being nice, he wants to be friends. fair enough, why no jadi kawan when i was in school? =.= 

people smell despos yo. i swear he was trying to hit on these other girls (yes, note the plurals)  when i was his senior. seriously kid, it doesnt work that way. you're doin it all wrong.

dang man, kids these days.

anyways~ nights people =) hve an awesome weekend ahead. 


nuff said

he's prolly having tons of fun with his friends pool-ing now. never knew pool close that late o.O

busy week for busy me

Monday, April 23, 2012

homg, everything falls on this week, and i didnt realised it until i saw my calendar(which is next to my bed) rights before lights out last night.

1) Psychology Talk
2) YMM Reports =/ [ 7 activities]
3) Jacqiee coming back :) [so they stayovers and outing]

sigh~ i think i may not be able to attend some outings =( cause of the reports, dang these plp are sooooooo cooperative. okay, so it's pretty unfair i'm totally blaming it on them since its partially my fault too, as usual procrastination. hello, old friend.

due to the fact that my parents are here so no car, no transport. hmm~ unless people willingly drive me around, but then again the only person who's so willing drive me around is probably left forgotten or uninvited ='/ but aww, dont worry, u still have me :)


anyways a funny convo between me, sis & dad

dad: ming, whats the name of that girl i sign contract with that day
me: ehhh~ ni, what is the name of the explorer??
ni: DORA! the explorer
me: that 1, dora
dad: o.O

lawl~ i know lame, but it's a you have to be there to get it kinda thingee... nvm =.=

anyways~ back to work.... i just realised everything clash today!

suppose to go stay over at jacqiee's today,but i have tuition and meeting, LUCKILY she can postpone it to tomorrow. so girls' sleepover tomorrow <3

so tonight, tuition, then all the way to lintas for meeting >.>

till here then, back to work, i really feel like sleeping tho =.=


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I cant stop smiling after reading the post :) a third-party's post. I dont know why but i always doubt. but i should stop. cause it's doubt that will ruin everything.


true, very.


i've never had a fix job. the most "fix" job i probaby have is being a tuition teacher, twice a week. and that, i plan to stop soon too.

may be full time is just not for me, my type. so yea =) and i consider myself to be lucky for despite being all THAT. i still get jobs when i least expect it :) yes, i ventured (i know, exaggerated) into so many different fields to test out what i like and i dont, and the best part it, ITS ALL PART TIME. so i can stop whenever =P

I guess i am lucky that until to this very day, i dont have to get stuck at some cubicle for 8 hours and yet i still manage to generate income =)

hence my latest assignments, reports on 7 different activities~

Besides that, im just waiting for that fund of mine to increase and sell it off, so i can buy another 1~ lalalal =D but dang, macam tidak naik2 this >.<

wow, what a random topic =.=

random picture for a random topic!!

i wish i really have them tho, so pretty *o*
a collector's pride, not that i'm a collector. but i dont mind collecting them, as long as it doesnt cost a fortune ^^